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Vivian at 15 months [Jan. 16th, 2017|12:08 am]
The Eidolon
She is very active these days--running around, picking up things, putting them somewhere else,
and trying to copy things she sees. For example, she likes to grab a tiny handful of had
whenever she sees the Guinea pigs and drop it in their feeder. Or when she saw me emptying the
dishwasher she tried to put the toy form from her kitchen sit in the silverware bin. She can
move pretty fast when she wants to, but she still trips and wipes out from time to time. She
loves to climb up on chairs to reach things on tables she shouldn't be playing with. In a
pinch, she can push a chair closer to what she wants and then climb on it. She likes to climb
on the piano bench and hammer on the keys, especially if one of her sisters is playing.

Vivian still loves music, and will attempt to "sing" music she has heard. She can't carry a
tune, but she does vary her pitch and occasionally I can guess the song which prompted her.
She loves the Baby Einstein videos and will clap her hands if you start to play one. She's
not good with computers, phones and such, because she cannot keep her hands off them. the only
way for her to watch a video is for you to prop it up somewhere out of reach where she can see
but not touch it. Even so, she gets bored and wanders off and them comes back later.

She loves to eat apples (which she picks up whole and gnaws on), noodles, rice, ice cream, soft
meats, cereal and blueberries. She wants to do everything herself, but if she grabs a spoon
or such everything is going to wind up on the floor. (It usually does anyway.) She has no
tolerance for spicy foods, but does not realize this and will grab things off your plate which
will give her a big surprise. She can drink from a sippy cup, but greatly prefers a bottle.
She still nurses, and seems to get a lot of her milk consumption (12 oz?) at night while her
mom is trying to sleep. It's probably time to wean her, but she is very resistant to this idea.

Vivian can say a dozen or more words, plus lots of nonsense syllables and phrases we can't
really make out. Occasionally she will come out something which sounds like a real phrase in
an appropriate context, but it's not repeatable and her enunciation is very challenging to
understand. She's just starting to use two syllable phrases ("Bye Dad" as she climbs off
the bed to wander off) in a clear context. She's also starting to use a few multi syllable
words, though she has trouble changing consonants (peek-a-boo becomes "be ba bo").

Words she uses consistently:
Nai (milk)
Ba (book)
Bao (carry me)
Jie (big sister)
Gou (doggy)
Peek-a-boo (hides her face)
Woof (dog sound)

Probably quite a few others I can't remember--I'd have to check with the rest of the family.
Words come and go out of fashion with her, and some of the ones she used a lot a few months
ago she doesn't remember as well now. Gou gou (Chinese for doggy) used to represent almost
all animals, but it's starting to dawn on her that if may not apply to birds and cats, for
example, though she doesn't know the words for those well yet.

Her hair looks a bit like a baby mullet. It's growing longer and a bit curly in back, but she
still doesn't have much in front. She's never had a haircut yet, and I'm not eager to try one
on her. Her eyes are getting darker and you can see they brown starting to come. They are a
puzzling mix of blue, brown, grey and green, depending on the light. She has about 10 teeth:
all eight incisors and the bottom two position 4 molars with a gap where the canines should be.
The top position four molars are also coming in now. She likes to bite things, and (if she is
bored) people. She's getting longer and skinnier, and is only putting on weight slowly now.
She might be about 22 pounds now. She's also quite strong and has no qualms about using all
her might to try to get her way.

[User Picture]From: beth_leonard
2017-01-17 01:28 am (UTC)
I love the updates! Amber self-weaned just before her 3rd birthday, Peter was forced off on his 5th, but I had him bedtime-nursing only by age 3 or so. I hope you do what works for you.

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