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Courage [Jan. 13th, 2017|12:06 am]
The Eidolon
The Guinea pigs used to flee in terror whenever I made a slight movement. Now they've gotten
used to me enough that when I come with a scoop full of food, I sometimes have to nudge them out
of the way to reach the food bowl as they are so eagerly jockeying for position with each other.
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Technique [Jan. 11th, 2017|05:54 pm]
The Eidolon
Vivian claps by holding her left hand still and moving her right hand side to side to slap
against it. She does this when hearing loud music or when you start a video for her, and
she seems very enthusiastic.
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Devious [Jan. 10th, 2017|06:09 pm]
The Eidolon
Vivian hid two bottles of her milk today. One under the changing table and one in the lego bin. She actually put the lid back over the lego bin, which is something she never does when she's playing with them.
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Good intentions [Jan. 5th, 2017|02:14 pm]
The Eidolon
Michelle will respond to some English words and phrases, but will reply in Chinese.
For example: "Shall we get you some milk?"
Her: "奶奶" (milk)

Or if I talk about the Guinea pigs in English, she will comment "狗狗" (doggy).
All four legged animals are still doggies to her at the moment.
She really loves the Guinea pigs, though, and will try to put hay for them in their feeder.
They return the thought by being terrified of her.

Edit: It has been pointed out to us that Vivian is the baby, and Michelle is actually our
third daughter. After 8+ years as the youngest, Michelle will probably always be synonymous
with "the baby" in the back of my mind. We regret the error.
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Phony [Jan. 1st, 2017|11:15 am]
The Eidolon
I gave Vivian the tube of Desitin to hold while I was changing her poopy diaper. (Otherwise
she tends to reach down and get in the way with her hands.) She held it up to her right ear
and said "Hi. Hello?" as if it were a telephone.
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Hey hay! [Jan. 1st, 2017|02:42 am]
The Eidolon
Christine reports that Vivian wandered into her room today, took a handful of hay from the
bag, and deposited it in the Guinea Pig feeder. She also dropped quite a bit of hay on the
floor, but at least she is trying. Vivian is delighted by the Guinea Pigs, who in return are
terrified of her.
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Siri Easter Eggs we've found so far [Dec. 14th, 2016|08:04 pm]
The Eidolon
If you ask her to call you "dude," sometimes (about 50%) she wills say "OK, dude" in a stoner voice.

She has special responses if you ask her to identify the songs "Space Oddity" and "Never Gonna Give You Up." Probably others too.

You can tell her to "Open the Pod Bay Doors."

If you ask her her favorite animal she will say "Domo-Kun! Domo-Kun! Domo-Kun!"

She has various responses to being asked to sing or tell poetry. Poetry gets you a Hitchhiker's reference.

She will not participate in knock-knock jokes.

You can tell her "I am your father."

She will complain if you call her "OK Google."

Probably many others...
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Cooking is just chemistry [Dec. 13th, 2016|05:58 pm]
The Eidolon
I found a recipe for Halogen Beef, the creatively translated dish we saw in a Chinese restaurant a few years ago. The translation quality of the recipe is about what you would expect.
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Connections [Dec. 12th, 2016|11:38 pm]
The Eidolon
This week, I woke up from dream with the odd realization that the colony Abowaku from the Gundam
series is probably named after the mythological A Bao A Qu mentioned in Borges' "Book of
Imaginary Beings." Thanks, subconscious. I wonder where that came from. It may even be true.
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Autofill follies [Dec. 10th, 2016|12:05 am]
The Eidolon
The iPhone's word completion algorithm could use a little more context sensitivity.

For example, when I was typing a reminder about Christine's Secret Santa exchange, it
suggested I autofill to "secret sandwich" after the first 3 letters. Santa didn't even
make the cut of suggested words.

Or if you type "I need you to wait a few ..."
it will suggest "years" but not "minutes".

Sometimes the suggestions are downright dangerous, like "Do you want to get d[inner]?"
suggesting "Do you want to get drunk?"
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